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1998, nearly half the Norwegian population supported equal right to church weddings for lesbian, gay and heterosexual couples (MMI 1998 ). Beliefs About the Welfare of Children with Lesbian and Gay Parents According to Herek ( 2006 concerns about the welfare of children with lesbian and gay parents, and their needs and interests with respect to lesbian and gay parenthood, have always been an integral part. Norway is a good example of a country where relationships with children and relationships between two adults increasingly have been seen as two different social phenomena. Participants with higher education are, however, overrepresented. This is very different from 19 of the Norwegian population expressed concern about this and 15 found this question difficult to answer (MMI 1998 ). 4.) Likewise, although gay and bisexual mens sex lives are often stereotyped as involving a lot of anal sex with anonymous partners, this is not an accurate reflection of reality. Research on population attitudes towards lesbian and gay parenting further suggests that negative attitudes are associated with antigay attitudes and sexual prejudice (Crawford and Solliday 1996 ; Morse. Descriptions of the response alternatives for education and population density are shown in Table. The spss programme version 15 was used for the statistical analysis (Pallant 2007 ). It may therefore have been a strategic choice for opponents to focus on a childrens rights perspective when arguing against provisions for equal parenting rights for lesbian and gay parents in the new gender-neutral Marriage Act. Table 2 Beliefs about equal parenting rights for lesbian, gay and heterosexual couples Beliefs About the Welfare of Children with Lesbian and Gay Parents These were assessed by eight statements (see Table 3 ). This may have influenced the number of people who chose not to express an opinion on the issues in question. Questions and concern in relation to possible negative social reactions and bullying of children who grow up with lesbian and gay parents are therefore relevant and must not be ignored.

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